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Thanks for the interest in my music! It will make a massive difference to me having subscribers on this platform. If you're new to my work and want to know more about me and my research/PhD in algorithmic/generative music and chaos/complex systems etc. head over to =>

What you'll get as a subscriber are all the existing Bandcamp back catalogue here, as well as new digital releases that would normally be available on my site [generally I am aiming for 1 per month / 12 per year target]. I am in the process of obtaining / discussing with other labels how this works with their releases. I am hoping to make sure any label I have a release with is available here [including previous releases]. Currently I can confirm these previous releases will be available here => DRN4 [.MEDS], 16x16 CELL MEDITATIONS [.MEDS], NTE GDN [Conditional], ALG 118B [Computer Club/CPU], DRNH [Gamma Mine] and all 7 Dave Noyze / Bryen Telko albums on Cataclyst.

I have an extensive archive of recordings dating back to early 1980's, on a variety of formats [2, 4 & 8 track cassette, handful of reel to reels, DAT, CDROM, DVD, hard disk et al]. A lot of the analogue recordings have been slowly transferred to hard disk since late 1990's, with a lot more done in 2009 and 2013. There are some outstanding items still requiring transfer, and I no longer have access to multi track tape or DAT players.. ! Having subscribers with an active interest in my music will go a long way to helping me prioritise salvaging as many un-digitised recordings in my archive as possible.

For physical releases / merch => All releases through Psoma Psi Phi will still be handled by Brian Grainger for physical and abridged digital, with full digital available here as usual. Any other physical releases by other labels will be handled by them as usual. I am considering setting up physical sales in the future, again this will depend on subscriber feedback. At present though, I'm not equipped to handle physical sales except in very small quantities, probably with a weekly or 2-weekly mail out. So keep your eyes open for possibly the odd surprise physical merch sale of my artist copies from labels.. :] as a subscriber you would get a 15% discount and auto notification from the clever Bandcamp software.

+ there will also be the odd bit of subscriber only content, not sure what this will be yet.. perhaps some test mix recordings, odd live things that won't get full release or are in early draft form.. images, videos, sneak/early previews.. :]

I will be considering making an additional Tier for research subscribers depending how this first foray into subscription goes. This could include things from my digital archive consisting of images, photo's, videos, text, research, programs and data etc. such as MIDI [sequence / sysex etc], presets / samples / audio files / microtuning files / Mathematica / Arduino / Processing code .. who knows, I would love to hear the kinds of things you might want out of a research subscription? I'm endeavouring to make some of my research Open Source, so this could be a way of helping that happen.

The subscription fee I hope folks will find reasonable, for approx 12 releases a year this is more than a 50% saving + the bonus of all earlier Noyzelab Bandcamp releases! I have decided to keep this fee as low as possible, as a thanks to everyone for their support and peepz who already bought copies of some of these releases. Particularly everyone who's been doing this for a while :] If you feel like you can afford to pay a higher subscription fee by any amount, thats amazing, everyone loves a surprise! And believe me it all helps..

I also value your feedback on this new subscription, please let me know what you think!!


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